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The Viking HD is considered to be the industry standard for commercial diving worldwide. The suit material is, as the name suggests, heavy duty (1550 +/- 100g/m2), built to withstand the rigours of diving in a harsh working environment. Standard neck and wrist seals are fitted and entry is via a heavy-duty rear shoulder zip. Blank plugs are fitted on the XXL suits but buyers can remove these and fit their own Si-Tech valves, if required. The Medium suit is freeflow, so no valves, blank plugs or valve bases are fitted. Each drysuit comes complete with manual, repair kit, zip lubricant, braces, holdall & strong Viking carton.

This batch (this and our other drysuit listings), although not always the latest version/manufacture, have been stored in Viking's controlled environment and are in perfect physical condition but are non-standard in some way so may have cosmetic-only blemish (such as minor crease or surplus adhesive) or size variation (see ACTUAL dimensions below). They have recently (April 2017) been pressure tested and are guaranteed for diving, as confirmed by the attached tag. Price is a fraction of today's ex-factory standard drysuit list price.
Size 01/Medium-Wide is intended to fit body sizes:-
Height: 5'3"- 5'8" (1.60 - 1.73m)
Chest: 39"- 45" (99 - 114cm) ACTUAL chest dimension is 53" (135cm)
Waist: 39"- 44" (99 - 112cm) ACTUAL waist dimension is 48" (122cm)
Hips: 41"- 45" (104 - 114cm)
Inside Leg (to floor): 29"- 31" (74 - 79cm)  ACTUAL inside leg dimension is 32" (81cm)
Boot Size: UK 11 (US 12, EU 46) which is non-standard for this suit size
Size 04/XX-Large is intended to fit body sizes:-
Height: 6'1"- 6'5" (1.85 - 1.96m)
Chest: 46"- 52" (117 - 132cm) ACTUAL chest dimension is 52" (132cm), so suggested 'to-fit' maximum is 49" (124cm)
Waist: 38"- 43" (97 - 109cm) ACTUAL waist dimension is 47" (119cm)
Hips: 41"- 46" (104 - 117cm)
Inside Leg (to floor): 37"- 39" (94 - 99cm) ACTUAL inside leg dimension is 39" (99cm), so suggested 'to-fit' maximum is 38" (97cm)
Boot Size: UK 10.5 / 11 (US 11.5 / 12, EU 45/46)
Size 04/XX-Large-Wide is intended to fit body sizes:-
Height: 6'3"- 6'7" (190 - 201cm)
Chest: 47"- 56" (119 - 142cm) ACTUAL chest dimension is 56" (142cm), so suggested 'to-fit' maximum is 53" (135cm)
Waist: 44"- 49" (112 - 124cm) ACTUAL waist dimension is 53" (135cm)
Hips: 46"- 51" (117 - 129cm)
Inside Leg (to floor): 37"- 39" (94 - 99cm) ACTUAL inside leg measurement is 40" (112cm)
Boot Size: UK 10.5 / 11 (US 11.5 / 12, EU 45/46)
As with all drysuits, the seals will need trimming (instructions in supplied manual) to fit your neck and wrists. Buyers should try the suit for size before trimming the seals as we can not accept modified suits back. Holding the neck seal away from your throat for a short period will ensure safety whilst trying the suit for size.